Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Love Bad Blood

As a sports fans there is nothing better than the intense rivalry. No matter what sport it is people will watch it because they want to be part of the history and be able to say hey, I saw Ali knock out Frasier, or I was there when Nadal beat Federer at Wimbledon. Even though rivalries tend to bring up hatred from the fans, they also bring people together to watch greatness at its best.

Everybody loves watching rivalries. Everybody watched Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain duke it out for years. Everybody watched Bird and Magic go at from when they were just young raw talent in college to the many games in the NBA Finals to determine who would be champion. Maybe everybody didn't watch them in college, but then when they heard what they missed they were sure not to miss it again at the pro level. There are also the rivalries that everybody watches just to watch because they're can't miss TV such as Red Sox-Yankees, Duke-North Carolina, and Ohio State-Michigan.

Now there seems to be a new rivalry looking to make its mark sports history, young hockey sensations Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. This year the Pittsburgh Penguins (Crosby's team) and the Washington Capitals (Ovechkin's team) will face each other for the first time since both players entered the league. They were both drafted in the same draft in 2005. Although they haven't been in the league for a long time, they have already made an instant impact and are proclaimed to be the saviors of hockey. In just three games so far they have already lived up to the hype. In Game 2 they both posted a hat trick, being only the fourth time that has ever happened in the playoffs in NHL history.

Not many people know about them now and may not watch, but trust me they have plenty of years in them. They will catch on just like all the other great rivalries. People didn't watch Nadal and Federer from the beginning, but now it's can't miss TV.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

London.....No! Bad London

What is this I here about the Super Bowl in London. This is BLASPHEMY! Yes you heard me I said blasphemy. Last I checked the NFL is an AMERICAN league. They're not like the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, or any other professional sports league for that matter that has major international players. The Super Bowl yes is broadcasted internationaly in a gazilion languages, but they came to the game the game didn't go to them. The Super Bowl is one of the two biggest sporting events in the world along with the olympics. But wait guess who's hosting the next summer olympics in 2012.......LONDON!

London, now you're just geting greedy. You are getting THE greatest sporting event in the world, there's no need for you to have both. I find it apauling that you already get a regular season game. I find a disgrace that they make teams just get up and go to London in the middle of a season, it can definately throw off your entire season. I know I'd be pissed if I had to. Then again maybe I'm just U.S. biast, 305 till I die.

London can't handle the NFL anyways. For twelve years there was NFL Europe, they botched that up and was shut down in 2007. The Super Bowl needs to stay in the U.S. because the economy is so bad. They can barely pay for the tickets to the last Super Bowl and now you would be asking them to buy a plane tickets to and from London, hotel rooms, game tickets and memorabilia because lets face it if you go you'll be in debt for the rest of your life and may never go to another Super Bowl, much less own a TV to watch one.

So please NFL I beg of you please keep the Super Bowl in the U.S. and London don't get to greety. You see us asking to host the Euro Cup do you?

Shout out to my boy Paul Bunyan, I owe you one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If It's not broken don't touch it

This year the 2009 NFL draft will be starting at 4pm eastern time. This is a complete and utterly stupid idea. (Although this would be my only good reason to live on the west coast). In the past the first team would go on the clock at around noon time eastern. That meant that when you woke up all you had to do was go to mass and pray that your team wouldn't screw it up this year and take Dan O'Brien over Dan Marino again. Then invite the guys, crack open some beers and watch God completely disregard your prayers because that was the only time you went to church. That was a good system nobody complained about it and now this year it all changes.

This year it starts at four in the afternoon which means that radio shows will be talking about literally the same exact topics on a one hour rotation which will drive everyone insane and make them not want to watch the draft and they will just hear about it later on the eleven o clock sports center as the beer that they have been drinking all day wears off.

This is what happens when you try to fix something that isn't broken. People drink way to much which ultimately will bring about ridiculous arguments with wives and make them go to sleep angry. Then they would have no choice but to go to church the following Sunday.
So please Mr.Goodell let this be a warning to you and let this be the first and last time of a four o'clock NFL draft.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NFL Beats all

For all you football fans out there christmas has come early as the 2009 NFL Regular Season schedule has been released and the 2009 season has officially begun. It's the biggest story of the day when the first game is 6 months away and the draft still hasn't happened yet. This is the biggest story on a day that was full of headliners. Oscar"The Golden Boy"De la Hoya retired from boxing....again. Also today the FIU Golden Panthers became the answer to a bad trivia question that nobody should know after they hire Isiah Thomas as the new head basketball coach. The fastest man in the world Usain Bolt apologizes for letting everyone know that marijuana is a hot commodity in Jamaica because Bob Marley didn't already take care of that. Today also marked the beginning of the Stanley Cup playoffs and most NBA teams play their final games of the regular season.

Through all that the NFL schedule topped it all & I love it. No matter how hard any other sport tries to grab the main headline on ESPN or anywhere else the NFL will never let the top headline go. When A-Rod admitted to steroids a few days later Brett Favre retired again. Sorry but Favre will always trump A-Rod, I don't care how many times he's gone and come back.
Oh and if you want some madness in March go talk to Pat Bowlen & Josh McDaniels of the Broncos. Just don't be surprised if next week you don't hear about the guy who threw a perfect game because ESPN is reviewing the NFL Draft after a weekend full of coverage.